Plot construction of “She Stoops to Conquer”

The dramatic feat of the playwright lies in the well knit construction of the plot of the play. Goldsmith’s plot construction is very simple and interesting. In fact, every dramatist cannot become a Shakespeare nor a Milton but Goldsmith is a genius of his age has made a very successful attempt in the construction of the plot of the play. True, a perfect plot construction is the arbiter of the success of the dramatists. The simple and interesting plot puts a stamp of success on the efforts of the playwright. In Shakespeare’s comedies “As you like it” and “Twelfth Night” the plot and the sub-plot have been brilliantly united. In the same way Goldsmith in his play She Stoops to Conquer has beautifully designed the plot and the sub-plot. No wonder, they are two in one.

She Stoops to conquer has two plots, the main plot and the sub-plot. The main plot rotates around the Marlow and Kate and the sub-plot nears round Hastings and Miss Nevil. Both the plots are interconnected by means of the casket of the jewel. The principal character in main plot are Marlowe hello, Mrs. Hardcastle, Mr. Hardcastle and Miss Hardcastle. Tony Lumpkin is directly linked up with the sub-plot and he plays a key role.

The plot of display is based on the love story of the two pairs of lovers, Marlowe and Miss Hardcastle and Hastings and Miss Nevil. The events of the play developed in a logical consequential order. Young Marlowe is smart, polished, handsome and pleasing in his behaviour. He has come to pay a visit to Mr. Hardcastle and to make courtship with Miss Hardcastle. Their marriage has been settled by their parents. Marlowe and hasting’s lost the way, fortunately, or unfortunately they come across Tony Lumpkin. He guesses the purpose of their visit. He deliberate misguides them with the role purpose of embarrassing and humiliating his step father Mr. Hardcastle. Further he gives them the impression that Mr. Hardcastle is the innkeeper. The initial blunder of thinking the House of Mr. Hardcastle to be an in leads to certain humorous and embarrassing situation till the mistake is found and Miss Hardcastle and Marlowe are finally united in a holy wedlock.

The link between plot and sub-plot is that Marlowe and Hastings are friends while Miss Hardcastle and Miss Navil are cousin. Marlowe, a bashful guy feels nervous when he meets Miss Hardcastle. He begins to stammer by Miss Hardcastle is not astonished as he has already come to know about his shy nature and other qualities. Her maidservant informs her of the love making adventures nature of Marlowe among the low rank dames. Miss Hardcastle plays the role of barmaid and the poor relative of Mr. Hardcastle to conquer the heart of Marlowe. Tony Lumpkin is the connecting link between the plot and sub-plot. He jokes and intrigues on Marlowe and Hastings. He offers to help Miss Navil in her employment. He steals the casket of jewel in order to help Hastings. His mother wants to settle his marriage with Nevil but Tony’s eyes are fixed on bet bouncer. The two love stories runs side by side and concludes with the happy union of the lovers. Goldsmith’s talent of plot construction is perfect and flawless. He, in this play displayed his talent not only as a great play writer but also as a great plot designer. The plot of this play is well knit. It is interesting and absorbing throughout the play. Wit and humour are the chief attraction of this play but without a well knit plot this play would not have been a successful one.



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