It is a universally acknowledged fact that the title of a play is of paramount importance. The title reveals half of the theme of the play. Most of the dramatis right from Shakespeare to Graham Greene have given titles of their works which are suitable appropriate and meaningful Goldsmith like the great dramatis has given a very suitable title of his play “She Stoops to Conquer”. This title at the very out set suggests that some lady in order to woo her lover stoops to conquer him.

The first title of the play was the old house, a new inn. The nent title which came to the mind of Goldsmith was “The Mistake of a Night”. This title is related with the pace and the progress of the plot. Marlowe by mistake thinks Mr. Hardcastle as the barmaid of the inn and Mr. Hardcastle to be the inn keeper. He further commits mistakes by regarding Miss Hardcastle as the barmaid of the inn. More and more mistakes are committed. Marlowe committed the mistake of transferring the casket of jewels to Mrs. Hardcastle taking her to be the land lady. The subtitle of the play The Mistakes Of A Night is equally appropriate and suggestive but the title of the play She Stoops to Conquer is definitely superb. It is not only appropriate and suitable but also attractive and catchy. Goldsmith in search of a suitable title finally approves the title She Stoops to Conquer. This title came last of all to the mind of Goldsmith. The lines of Dryden in the Hind and Panther crossed his mind, but kneels to Conquer and stoops to rise”. Really Goldsmith’s selection of this title exhibit his flare for getting perfection. It is Miss Hardcastle who stoops to Conquer Marlowe. She in order to Conquer him plays the role of a barmaid. Professor S.C. Gupta’s comments on the title of the play bear much significance. He points out She Stoops to Conquer is decidedly much better and more attractive title than the Mistakes Of a Night.

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The play is named after the main incidents, the stooping of the heroine to be a barmaid and a humble reliable of Mr.Hardcastle to Conquer Marlowe. Marlowe has much attraction for fair sex but he is bashful and shy among the company of sophisticated and respectable ladies. He thinks the prospect of his marriage to be bleak. In the presence of a modest and sophisticated girl, Marlowe loses his pluck and begins to stammer but on the other hand he is very frivolous and very dashing in remarking with the immodest girls. Miss Hardcastle in her first meeting has come to know his venerable weakness, she is determined to take advantage of his weakling. She become the barmaid to become very close to him and finally to Conquer him. In this role Marlowe is much attracted towards her and he becomes very free and inaccessible romantic and dashing with her. Marlowe is so much so captivated to see her natural grace and attraction that he proposes to marry this barmaid. Really the development of the story depends on the wit and the presence of the mind of Miss Hardcastle. She weaves plans so cleverly that Marlowe is easily caught in her net of love. She applies her mind to win Marlowe and her plan yield the desire result. If she would not have stooped, she could not have Conquered Marlowe. This role of Kate is the important aspect of the play. Certainly the title has been appropriately named She Stoops to Conquer. Miss Hardcastle is really the heat and hinge of this play and the plot of this play centers round her dynamic personality.

The one and the only suitable title of the play can be no other than the title She Stoops to Conquer. Judging it from different angles and considering the plot of this story one puts seal on the title She Stoops to Conquer, the best of the best titles. There are some critics who say that Tony Lumpkin is the engine of the plot, even then the title after his name could not be suitable. Twelfth Night, As you like it, The Tempest, Much Ado About Nothing are the classical comedies but they are not named after the hero and heroine.

The Mistake of Night is no doubt a good title but this title does not reflect light on the main theme of the play. It focuses light only on the mistakes side tracking other factor of great importance. The title She Stoops to Conquer is the most appropriate suitable and most suggestive one.



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