“AS YOU LIKE IT” is a Romantic Comedy or Triumph in Comedy

Like Tragedy comedy may be classical or romantic. These are two groups of characters in Shakespeare’s comedies the young man and woman who dwell in that romantically dream the world of joy mirth laughter and the workday people of who keep things going, ploughing, Shepherds, jesters, rogues. The double world is perceptible in Much Ado About Nothing, As You Like It and Twelfth Night. These plays are widely acknowledged great romantic comedies.

Shakespeare’s romantic comedy is the comedy of love. In its specific occupation with loving which distinguished it from classical or romantic comedy. Remarkably Shakespeare’s comedy embodies a literary manner and moral code and its actions are conducted according to a conventional methods. As You Like It, Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night and the successful comedies of Shakespeare. These plays are different from classical comedies.

Romantic comedy is the comedy of love, love looting, love sacrifices and restlessness of the lovers dominate all the scenes. As You Like It and Twelfth Night, considered to be the play of love and lovers. It is the certainly the love scene that distinguished it from classical or romantic comedies. Elizabethan romantic comedies where an attempt to adopt the world of romance and all its complications to the services of comedy. Shakespeare made the romantic comedy a romance comic. In as you like it there are many scenes which deals with the romance comic. In this play the dramatics has tried to discover the true sources of nobility in man and joy in life.

As You Like It belongs to that chosen category of romantic comedies which will be remembered from age to age and from generation to generation. As You Like It, it is the greatest Triumph in comedy. the dramatist has not only introduced the love laden feelings of the characters but also presented the climate of peace and happiness pervading in the forest of Arden. What is more, the introduction of the clowns and the delineation and the pastoral atmosphere have added special charm to this drama. Shakespeare has really gratified both the romantic and the comic instinct of audience of As You Like It. Undoubtedly, As You Like It, it has reached the zenith of success because of the variety of different aspects of life. The main character arouses our admiration, they inspire us to be happy with them. There is not the slightest hint of satire or sarcasm in this play. The heroes and heroines of this play are voyager in the pursuit of the passionate and sincere love. Shakespeare has tried to cater to the nits and interest of the audience. The diverse elements have been brilliantly blended in As You Like It. Without a shadow of doubt Shakespeare’s comedies are surfeit with love. In As You Like It Shakespeare has depicted the pastoral romance of Silvius and Phebe, the courtly and sophisticated romance of touchstone and the pure and sincere romance of Orlando and Rosalind. These are the special charms of this drama certainly there is many facets of life have been described and the faults have been implicitly pointed out such as treachery, ungratefulness but the same time friendship loyalty and generous attitude have also been underline. In As You Like It Shakespeare has given us surprises constantly, incongruities, shepherds and disguise. More than all these things Shakespeare has introduced so many comic scene in As You Like It to provide plenty of mirth and laughter.

The hallmark of this play is an embracing largeness rather than any instance or any particular way of life. The play concludes with the celebration of love. The ideal of courtesy and love meets this play. It is neither sentimentalised nor destroyed at the end. The courtly, the pastoral, the philosophical, the sophisticated elements have been brilliantly blended in As You Like It. The realization of Duke Frederick and the enthronement of Duke senior reflects sufficient light on the triumph of love. Decidedly As You Like It is a great romantic comedy. It is the great triumph in comedy.

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