Education for New India By C. Rajagopalachari

“Education for New India” is an outstanding essay of C. Rajagopalachari, Rajagopalachari has got an important place in Indian writing. His writings are characterized by a conversational ease which immediately develops a rapport with the reader. The present essay is the part of the convocation address that C. Rajagopalachari delivered at Madras university in 1948. The suggestions made by him in the address are relevant even today. In this essay he has described the importance and necessity of a new educational system for. India.

In this essay the writer says that the Indians should give up selfishness, laziness and narrowness of their outlook. If they do so, they can save their freedom. They should do their duty satisfactorily. Their watch-word should be ‘work’ and nothing else, because work is wealth and service is happiness. The greatest crime in India today is idleness. If this idleness is rooted out, all our difficulties will gradually disappear. We should do the work honestly, because “honest work is the sheet-anchor to which are should cling”. This is the fundamental law of progress.

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The author is of opinion that we should respect others. We should love all religions, faiths, occupations and cultures. The law of love is a practical code of life. In an independent state like ours “trained leadership is necessary.” The writer says that the university education is nothing but a training for leadership. A large number of countrymen were denied this privilege, and this is not good for the nation. Only those who are trained and educated can be the moral and cultural soldiers of their motherland.

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The writer is quite against the system of examination, because it is the most bitter form of compulsion. It creates insurable tendency towards superficiality and a paradoxical condition wherein a certain degree of equipment and dislike to go together. This examination system leaves in our education system faces two great problems- the problem of religion and moral instruction and the problem of language. But in his opinion, we should emphasize on the creation of character and personality. for the main aim of education is to mold the personality in the right way. So far as the medium is concerned the author advocates the need and importance of the mother-tongue. He openly admits, “It is no good trying to impose a medium of instruction on young pupils.

In the concluding lines of the essay the author says that people should always be patient and kind. They should not give way to jealous or the desire to boast. They should not be rude. They should not insist on having their own way. They should not rejoice at wrong. They should rejoice in the light. They should try to bear misfortunes bravely. They should show trust in others and have faith in them so that love will prevail. This is the principle of Paul and Gandhiji. Thus, we can say that it is one of the best essays in Indian writing from which we learn a very good moral lesson..

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