Short Notes on The Metaphysical Poetry and Poets

The end of the Elizabethan age saw a new development of the poetic language which reached the maturity in the 17th century. Of there the most remarkable is the metaphysical poet. The poets were addicted to witty conceit and far fetched image. The poets were rebel not in their attitude to their poetic style, but the new scientific and philosophical.

The metaphysical poet introduces new ideas and experiences to heighten or intensify the effects. We find a remarkable fusion of thoughts and feelings. The images suggested by the metaphysical poets are often strength. They are usually the product and unnatural combination of dissimilar ideas. Metaphysical poets were men of learning. They combine reasons and emotion together with much excellence.

JOHN DONNE (1573-1631) was the leader of the metaphysical school of poets. He broke away from the Elizabethan tradition of writing verse and introduced all together a different style. He composed poems on love and religious with usual perfection. He wrote chiefly satire, amorous and religious poems. John Donne gave new direction to English poetry. Among the amorous poems which belongs to his youth the more notable are: The Extasie, The Sun Rising, The Blossom and The Funeral. The best known poems are Good Friday and To God The Father and To God. His treatment of love was un-orthodox but his religious poems were sober and sometimes to metaphysical for common understanding.

GEORGE HERBERT (1593-1633) is one of the great metaphysical poet. He was a clergyman and he was called the sant of the metaphysical school of poets. He wrote “The Temple” consist of 160 poems. Among the more popular poems of the collection are Virtue, The Pulley and The Collar. Quite obviously, his expression are free from ambiguity.

HENRY VAUGHAN (1622-1695) is the best known for his sacred verse published under the title silen. The Retreat is one of the memorable poem of Vaughan. This poem anticipates the central theme of words with immortality. His other great poems is Departed Friends. He is interested more in life before birth and life after death, then in life on earth. In this sense only he is a metaphysical otherwise his poems are very simple and plain.

ROBERT HERRICK was also a clergyman and love of the country side. He wrote religious and natural poetry, his principal collection of words Hesperides which contain religious section called noble numbers. To Daffodils and To Blossoms are the unforgettable lyrics of ROBERT HERRICK. He says” how things have their end”. The notable feature of his poetry easy grace and the clarity of expression.

THOMAS CAREW also made a mark as a great metaphysical poet. His lyrics are heighten to remember, To My Inconstant Mistress and Disdain Returned are his important lyrics. The metaphysical features a bound in his poems.

In brief metaphysical poetry is a new style of writing poetry. This style is quite new, novel and different from the Elizabethan writings. The poets of this school composed poems on love, religions and nature. In metaphysical poetry music, melody are missing, but it is surfeit with argumentative and scientific images.



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