Hardy’s creative power is exhibited in the portrayal of characters. Significantly, Hardy has chosen peasants in workers as the significant and dominating characters in this novel. Although Elizabeth Jane is the minor character of this novel yet she plays an important part in the novel The Mayor of Casterbridge. Hardy has portrayed her character with all sympathy and tenderness. Her budding beauty and her native nature have been delineated in the mellowed tone. She is really a vessel of emotions untinctured with experiences. She is prayed for her elegance poise of mind and for her sacrifices.

She is the daughter of Susan and she is the finest flower of nature. The charms of her personality lies in her intrinsic quality. She has come to Weyden priors with her mother Susan. It is her first visit to this place. This Weyden priors is really a turning point in the life of Susan. Susan Is restlessly trying to tress out the where about of Henchard.

Jane does not have any idea about the man for whom her mother is passionately trying to find out. But even then Jane is ever willing to cooperate her mother in her search of Henchard. She encourages her mother in her efforts and she follows her like a shadow in her passionate search. She does not feel any sense of ennui rather she makes every effort to help solve all her problems. She is com, sober and serene. Of her age girls are very frivolous buoyant but Jane is very submissive and sensible. She shares the pains and the pangs of her mother who is struggling the period of her life. Elizabeth Jane always comes forward to ease the problems of her mother. Her problems are multiplying but with her cool and calculated moves, she tries to break through the hurdles. In the three Mariners inn were Susan and Elizabeth Jane are staying, she request the landlady to obelize her in doing a part time of job in the inn. Her main motto is to unburden the financial load of her mother.

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One of the plus points in Jane’s personality is noble and generous character. She has a pleasing personality. She is pretty and captivating. She is replica of her mother. Her face draws attraction and sympathy to the beholders. She has passion for knowledge and she wants to garner knowledge to keep ignorance at Bay read it she feels embarrassed for her lack of knowledge and ignorance. She is quite avid to up to date her knowledge. The another charm fish offer personality is her sympathetic nature. She always lends her helping hand to the needy. Her behaviour is polished and her nature is the hallmark of her character. Although Hardy subordinate the woman characters in most of his novels yet significantly in the mayor of Casterbridge the character of Jane gives us an idea about the soft and mellowed attitude towards women. She has been portrayed as a lady whose heart is the river of sympathy. Very often hardship makes a man arrogant but hardship in the mounting problems did not alter the complexion of a character.

Elizabeth Jane is the epitome of all the virtuous qualities. She is an ideal girl, a sacrificing girl me and a sincere and constant lover. She maintains a balance in her relation with her mother and Henchard and she becomes the minion of Henchard. After the death of Susan, Elizabeth Jane is the only source of Henchard’s joy and comforts. Elizabeth Jane’s love for Farfrae is routed in her heart. It is not pompous rather it is value bashed love. she is really enamoured of her intrinsic qualities and she became a great admirer. It is not the physical figure of Farfrae but the qualities of his mind won her heart. She decides to be wed locked with Donald Farfrae. For some moments she is made to believe the chicanery moves of Henchard and she begins to hate him. She expresses much delight to see her father Newson and when she comes to know that Henchard was not a thorn in the flash of her pleasure, she repents for her arrogant behaviour and Earnestly tries to tress  out Henchard. All these qualities made her character and an admirable one.



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