Othello is the most dominating, dauntless and dashing character of this play. The title of this play is named after him. He is the epitome of virtues and of all other good qualities. In his personality there is a radiance of love, romance and adventures. He is loud for his military powers and he is considered the high priest of human and divine robed in the vestment of romance. He is serving the temple of war at the altar of Loves divinity.

Othello is a sincere and passionate lover of Desdemona. He is the most manly among men and Desdemona is the most womanly among women. Othello is proud of his love and proud of Desdemona. Desdemona has fallen in love with Othello after listening to the heroic adventures of Othello in war. She says “I saw Othello’s visage in his mind and to his honours in his valiant parts.

Othello’s nature is an open book. He looks on man with a gas to large and royal who suspects them with malignity and fraud. Othello has his own judgement and he fully realised upon his own sense of judgement. In love and in war he is composed well balanced and well judged. He is the master of simple commanding action. He is quite unfazed even before the mounting problems and unmanageable situations. When Brabantio comes with all his fury an anger to punish Othello for eloping his daughter Desdemona, author was list frighten. He is very candidly and respectfully said that he respected his gears and not his soul.

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Undoubtedly Othello’s judgment are well poised and well balanced but his understanding of judging human characters was not correct because he thought every soul to be a virtuous one. He trusts Iago who is architect of demolishing his mansion of love and happiness. Othello is credulous and this flaw proved to be his Waterloo. He doubts the fidelity off Desdemona who is really every inch sincere. His mind is being poisoned and he begins to doubt each and every innocent and pious movement of Desdemona. It is his suspicion and doubt that gives rise to the creation of jealousy. The passion of Othello is not jealous, it is the agony of being compelled to hate that which he supremely loved. His agony is zeroed in on the fearest theme on earth could be fouled. It is this agonies sense of judgment that he punished Desdemona whom he loved and she was the dearest of all to him in the world. After killing Desdemona,  Othello is unable to survive the loss of faith in her perfect purity. All that had been glorious becomes remote and impossible for him. We hear the child like sob of Othello’s soul, “He says” O forever farewell, the plumb truth and the big war that make ambitious virtue.

Othello’s sincerity, his passion, his fidelity, his adventure, is a struggling nature are The precious quality. Right from his beginning, his art of soldering and his fathomless love for Desdemona have really added great attraction to his magnetic personality. Even Iago the great villain praises Othello’s intrinsic qualities in these words “ The moor is of a free and open nature that thinks man honest. Othello loved Desdemona with so much passion that doubt about her chastity and fidelity created volcanic eruption in his mind and it quaked the balance of his mind but when he comes to know about the innocence of Desdemona, he commits suicide.

In brief we can say that Othello with his barbaric innocence and regal magnificence of his soul ceases to leave, purity and goodness which were to him the most real things in this world. Othello’s tragic end is really very painful.



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