Donald Farfrae is one of the principal character of the novel, The Mayor Of Casterbridge. He is young, energetic, sympathetic and has a penchant for trade and business. He is decent amiable and helpful to all. A sense of moral favour and an emotional issar the characteristic future of his personality. More than all these, his sense of joviality And sense of freedom add feathers to his dynamic magnetic personality. In business, as well as in love he is sincere and honourable. He is not impulsive and impetuous. He is com, cool and considerate. His devotion to business and his fascination for the new invention and modernity helped him in reaching the summit of renowned and popularity.

It is Henchard friendship that brought Farfrae into lime light. But it was on the sheer strength of his quality that he rocketed into prominence. When Henchard first met him he found virtues and nothing else in the character of Farfrae. And consequently he supported him in business. And it is because of his business acumen Farfrae got burgeoning success and he left Henchard far behind in the world of business.

True, the key to his success was his honesty and sincerity to his profession. It was his devotion to business that he spurred his ambition. His love and other attractions of life did not ever prove the stumbling block to his overgrowing business. He was always Guided by the sunlight of his common sense. Farfrae was most suited to the demands of the modern commercial world and he succeeded whereas Henchard failed. The reason was to his sincerity in his business. Love and romance came in his life but these things did not dampen his overgrowing passion for enhancing his business. Love was his choice but business was his top priority.

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Farfrae Was generous, kind hearted and grateful to those who helped and supported him Henchard was not jealous of his sky soaring success. Further, Farfrae’s estrangement with Elizabeth Jane generated hatred and contempt in the heart of Henchard. True, Farfrae’s neglect to Elizabeth Jane maligned his immaculate image. However this lapse in his character did not destroy the fragment flavour of his sweet and pleasant personality. Indeed, Farfrae was kind humane and pains taking. His continued concern for Elizabeth Jane’s happiness was a testimony his fair and broad minded personality. His honesty, his prudence and his devotion where the precious qualities of his personality and all these help him in every walk of his life. No wonder, within a brief period of time Farfrae reached The highest echelon of social status. He was made of mayor of casterbridge. Farfrae’s elevation to the post of mayor proves the fruits of sincere labour.

Farfrae was practical, sensible and conscientious. He never allowed his emotions and love laden feelings to prey upon his good sense and good reason. His sense of wisdom always dominated over his plethora of hello sentimental feelings. But he was not a man sans heart and sans emotion. But certainly his reason dominated over his emotions. Usually power and money corrupt a man but Farfrae was an exception. Power and position did not affect the color of his personality. He is very grateful to budding Henchard. He says, I cannot hurt the trait of the man who is very kind to me. Farfrae’s character is quite opposite to Henchard. Henchard believes in the virtues of the old order where as Farfrae is the protagonist of the modern techniques and methods. In brief, Farfrae character is dynamic and charismatic.



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