Othello is one of the great tragedies of Shakespeare, the crown king of the tragedy. Shakespeare has touched upon all the varied aspects of life in his tragedies as well as in his comedies. He’s great tragedies Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth and Kinglear are even studied and liked even by the fastidious critics. His dramatic skill is unmatched. His great tragic heroes are undisputed a man of high rank and personality. They have all the virtues but it is their intrinsic weakness brings about their fall. Hamlet has a courtier’s eye, soldier’s sword and scholar’s tongue but he suffered from indecision. Othello is noble and valiant general but he is a slave to jealousy. Macbeth is also a great soldier and valiant general but he is over ambitious that brings his disaster.

Othello is a tragedy of jealousy. it plays a very important part in this play. Most of the characters of this play are harbouring jealousy and intrigue to feed the fat of their grudge. Indeed, the tragedy is the result of the weakness of Othello. It has been empathetically pointed out that the seed of suspicion was very shrewdly showed in the heart of Othello. Othello’s doubt, suspicion and distrust towards Desdemona’s fidelity began to grow more and more. Iago, a villain and a great judge of man’s character immediately hits the weak point of Othello and he becomes successful in fulfilling his purpose. Iago choose to create love hate relation. Othello was credulous and jealousy had taken abode in his heart. He could not ever think of Desdemona, keeping an affair with any guy and when Iago manipulates ideas and poisons his mind, Othello begins to doubt each and every innocent move of Desdemona.

The play opens with Roderigo, showing his resentment against Iago for concealing the news of the runaway marriage of Desdemona with Othello shocked and perturbed Roderigo so much so that he became jealous of Othello. Iago also added fuel to the fire of his jealousy. What is more, Iago was also in the look out of an opportunity to take revenge against or Othello for not giving him his due.

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The seed of jealousy was growing in his heart and he was cooking plans to wreck and destroy othello’s happy conjugal life. Roderigo out of jealousy and shock appraises. Brabantio of Desdemona’s elopement with Othello. Othello admits his love and Desdemona also accepted Othello as her husband in the court of the Duke. Iago and Roderigo act out of jealousy. Roderigo is neither to get the love of Desdemona and Iago is determined to feed the fat of his jealousy by poisoning the mind of Othello. And in this attempt to take revenge he weaves one intrigue after another to enmesh Othello in his stratagem.

Iago Succeeds in poisoning the mind of Othello. Othello doubts the relationship of Desdemona and Cassio. the green eyed monster jealousy begins to devour his happy married life. Othello, Infact is jealous of love and his mind is so much so poisoned that inspite of his abysmal love. He is determined to finish Desdemona for her infidelity. Iago tells Othello, ”Beware my lord of jealousy”.

In this play jealousy is the most important factor of. The principal characters are completely obsessed with jealousy of different natures. Othello and Roderigo are behaving and acting out of jealousy. It would be quite appropriate to say that Othello is a tragedy of jealousy.



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