Whom do you consider the hero of “She Stoops to Conquer”

She Stoops to Conquer” is a universally acknowledged comedy of humour of intrigue. Shakespeare’s tragic hero’s are men of great rank and position but Oliver Goldsmith’s hero in this play has not that great trait of genius and quality. There are the two rivals staking their claim for being called the hero, Marlowe and Tony. These two characters are really dominated the play and they have their significant roles to this play.

Marlowe is an important character and the key figure of this play. The entire story rotates around his character. He is highly cultured, educated and debonair. He is bashful and shy. There is a interesting peculiarity in his character. In the company of women of social status he is quite nervous and shy. But among the women of inferior position he becomes active, agile Frank, fearless and enthusiastic. The sight of a modest woman freezes his position. But in the company of barmaid and a girl of low status his romantic and passionate spirit remain unstrained. No sooner does he meet Miss Hardcastle considering her to be a barmaid than he rushes to clench her and to peck kisses on her cheek. Further, he brags of playing active part in the ladies club. What is more Marlowe’s character is remembered for his penetrating intellect and worldly wisdom. Like a noble character he repents and curses himself for his mistakes. In spite of these qualities Marlowe is a passive character in this play. He is more acted upon than acting himself. He is a victim of ridiculous blunder, he does not deserve the honour of being called the hero. The reason is he lacks his dynamism and he is acted upon rather acting himself.

Undisputedly, Tony Lumpkin is the hero of this comedy. He illiterates, unemployed and a great liability of Mr. Hardcastle. He used to spend his time in the ale house and had a host of flatters to please him. Despite these lapses Tony, the most interesting and dynamic character of this comedy. His tricks and his mischievous pranks. His hilarity, his flamboyance, his sense of humour his sincerity in love make him the most devoting character in the comedy, She Stoops to Conquer.

Tony takes delight in playing practical jokes on all and sundry, irrespective of their position and status. Among his tricks many are hither to remembered such as burning the footman’s shoes, frightening the maid and worrying the kittens”. And to top all these on day he fastened his mother’s wig to the back of the chair and when he bowed, he popped his bald head in the presence of the female guest. Further it gives much pleasure. To Tony to be fool a beau. Fun laughter tricks and pranks are his appetizer. His character has some sterling qualities.

Tony is not literate and urbane but he has a heart surfeit with love and meet compassion. He foils all the schemes and stratagem of his mother to help to the two loves Miss Nevil and Hastings. Money and jewels are not the food of his life. He believes in helping the needing people. Further he lends he support in the elopement of Miss Nevil and Hastings. In fact he is the principal character and his movement and activities help develop the pace of the plot. What is more, Tony Lumpkin provides much humour fun and laughter. He is the embodiment of mirth and mischief and from beginning to the end he provides us the pleasure and delight of enjoying fun and laughter. He can be compared with Puck of Mild Summer Night’s Dream. His good nature and good sense sporting spirit and resourcefulness entitled him to be considered the hero of this play.



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