Strange Meeting By Wilfred Owen

STRANGE MEETING is one of the great war poem of WILFRED OWEN, a great war poet. He shares with sassoon and glorified by RUPERT BROOKE. Owen’s poem show very powerfully the discomfort, danger and pain of the soldiers and the permanent deluge that war did to their mind and happiness. Speaking about his own poetry to remarks. Above all i am not concerned with poetry, my subject is war and pity of war. In this poem the poet recounts to meet soldiers belonging to different camps after their death and through his dialogue with his counterparts, the poet expresses the sense of repent and for joining war. It was with all enthusiasm and buoyancy that the soldier joining war, but all his hopes were shattered.

The poem develops with the dialogues, with enemy soldier. Owen exposes the horror, terror and the futility of war brings destruction and devastation, bloodshed, killing and maiming and strafing of the people. Further, Owen exposes the evil consequence of war and poignantly describes the mayhem of war.

The poet romantically imagines his escape from the battle field through a tunnel. And his strange meeting with an enemy soldier. Who was writhing in pain and was silently sleeping in the tunnel as if he were dead. The poet touched a soldier who sprang up in fear. The poet found pity and fear in the eyes of his enemy soldier. The dialogue of the poet with the strange soldier shows the desire of the poet to renounce war and to establish peace and happiness. The strange soldier told him that he was not sorry for his rather he was sorry for the undone years that he wasted in war. He was really repenting for join war. He apprised the soldier poet that with much hope and mission he had joined war but all his hopes and impression ended in smoke. He realized that war is a great abuse of humanity. He killed his enemies and displayed his value in the battle ground. He escape from the battle not because he was a coward but because of hatred of war. He tells his counterpart “courage was mine and i had mystery”. He escape from the battle ground because his high hopes were belied and he found war futile of bloodshed and killing stirred his sense so much so that he divided to give farewell to arms. He confesses and fells his counterpart that both have killed each other’s men, but now they must forget the inimical relation of the part. He says, and the enemy you killed my friend ….. yesterday through as you jabbed, i parried.

The poet through the strange meeting with a soldier after death and through their parley, emphasizes the importance of peace and futility of war. Every soldier wants peace and hates war. They all sing when the war is over. The soldier says “let us leave now”.

In “STRANGE MEETING” the poet has imposed the hollowness and futility of war and has suggested the great need of establishing peace. The poet has concentrated his high vision and his poetic beauty. The poem develops through the visionary dialogues of the soldiers who met their enemy after death. The remarkable feature of this poem is his sincerity and simplicity of expressions. The images are very suggestive with meaning. There is clarity and vividness and the poet has couched his sincere feelings in a powerful language.



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