The sonnet Marriage of True Minds is the most famous sonnet of Shakespeare

The sonnet Marriage of True Minds is the most famous sonnet of Shakespeare. In the first edition of Thorpe. Its number is 115. Critics have interpreted from various points of view. But the most authentic view is the philosophical in which Shakespeare has given his conception of true love. Most of the sonnets of Shakespeare from one to hundred Twenty six deal with the theme of love for his fair friend. In these sonnets Shakespeare has pointed the physical beauty of his friend Earl of Southampton richer than Adonis. Among men and more beautiful than Helen among women. It is not bossing on the part of Shakespeare: Southampton being the chief ruler of South important part of highland was an important person both physically and materially. He was 11 years younger to Shakespeare. Blooming fully in his youth, and Shakespeare who came to London in 1574 had the dire need of a patron. Thus he fell under the spell of charming personality of the Earl. This emotion of adulation and sincere devotion, he has very sincerely expressed in his sonnets from 1 to 126.

The Philosophical Element in the Sonnet:

The sonnet Marriage of True Minds is philosophical. It gives us a clear-cut notion of true love. There is no place of lusts in the true conception of love. True love always units true minds moreover there is no alteration in the intensity of love when there are physical or aging changes in the lovers. A person can remove love from the hearts of the true lovers. The conception of permanent love is very much emphasised in this sonnet. The same idea has been expressed in sonnet No. 129 where the poet has differentiated between lust and true love. In the sonnet On Lust, lust has been declared as savage, extreme, rude and cruel. It is very short-lived but true love is platonic which is heavenly and is never perishes like perishable objects.

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The Imagery in the Sonnet:

This sonnet is also remarkable for the use of most appropriate images. The first image is that of the light house in the sea. Just as a light house guides the wandering ships in the oceans, similarly true love guides those persons who are voyaging through the ocean of life. Another image used by the poet is the image of lode star in the sky which shines always in one place in the sky and the boats and ships are guided for correct direction by the lode star which is always in the north sky. Another figure of speech used by the poet is time’s fool. All people according to the poet are fools of time. Time completely destroys beauty but love never changes with brief hours and weeks. But love lives to the last day of judgement.


Thus, through this sonnet Shakespeare has given us a clear-cut notion of permanent true love.



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