“GINO” is one of the important and memorable characters of the novel “Where Angels Fear To Tread” by E.M. FORSTER. He is an Italian, handsome but not sophisticated. He finished his military service as a privateer. he is living with his parents, two sisters and brothers. His father is a dentist at Monteriano. When Lilia comes to Italy she meets Gino in a hotel. She is attracted towards Gino and gets response from him. It is Gino’s innocence and his sincerity of feelings that brought Lilia close to Gino.

Gino’s character is a fine blend of virtues and vices. s a lover, as a husband and as a father he behaves differently. As a lover he loves Lilia from the core of his heart. Lilia feels herself fortunate to get the honest and sincere love of Gino. In her deep crisis Gino seems to be the saviour of her life and the harbinger of peace and happiness in her dark and dismal world. she readily accepted the marriage proposal of Gino. Gino loves her heart and his love is passionate and sincere. No threat, no fear can change his decision to marry Lilia. He is not cowed down by the bully and threats of Philip. He has got the pluck to fight against all the odds of life. And for loves sake he can move from heaven to earth and from earth to heaven. In spite of the persistent persuasion of Philip. Gino did not budge an inch from his decision and marries Lilia. Although Gino is not matured, he is younger than Lilia. But as a lover he plays his part in a very resolute and determined way. It is his determination and his heart on fire that Lilia despite much protest, she decide to be Wedlocked with Gino. In the very beginning Lilia is enamoured of the charms and sincerity of his love but with the passage of time there is a great transformation in his character. He began to torture and humiliate Lilia. The dream of her peace and prosperity began to shatter.

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Gino’s role as as a husband of Lilia is completely a changed one. His softness and his tender behaviour metamorphosed into roughness. The freedom and liberty for which she preferred to many, Gino was now eating away the peace of her mind. Her freedom was now flattered. Gino made restrictions on her moments. She lost her paradise and did never regain her paradise in her life. However, Gino’s role as a father and his immeasurable love for his son deserve much commendation. His intense desire to become a father makes him restless. He wanted that Lilia should make him father and for this fulfillment he is ready to subordinate and sacrifice all his passions. He is exceedingly happy to become the father of a baby. Despite the mounting pressure of Abbott and the allurements, he did not agree to part with his baby after the death of Lilia. He emphatically says “he is mine, mine for ever even if he hates me, he will be mine and i am his father”. Miss Abbott admires the filial feelings of Gino. Abbott made all possible efforts but Gino was all the time determined to foil all the plans of Abbott. Really Gino is a passionate father and for the comforts and well-being of his son he is pondering over a second marriage. Abbott is convinced to see the boundless love of Gino for his baby and she tells Philip “Gino loved his child and he would never give it up”. However, Hamlet succeeds in kidnapping the baby but the baby dies in an accident.

Gino’s violent reaction to know about the tragedy of his baby shows his fathomless love for his baby. Gino becomes violent and he gives a sharp pinch to Philip and he is determined to kill him. Gino has lost his balance of mind and he is behaving like a wild animal. In spite of Gino’s firosus and brute behaviour Philip appreciate his genuine and passionate love for his baby. In brief, Gino is the most dynamic and round character of this novel “WHERE ANGELS FEAR TO TREAD”.



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