A Critical Analysis Of On Guard By Evelyn Waugh

‘On Guard’ is a short story depicted by Evelyn Waugh. It is a story which moves behind Millicent Blade.

Millicent Blade is a beautiful lady with an attractive personality. Her nose has no apparent love structure. Hector kisses her on the tip of her nose and asks her to wait for him and continue writing. But Millicent Blade says that writing is not his best thing. Hactor replies that he shall think of her all the time out there. But Soon he shall be able to send for her to join him Hector says that he has discussed it all with Beckthorpe, the chap who is selling me the farm. The crop has failed and he has much worried about it.

Beckthrope grew sisal and tobacco. He says, “in three years one’s bound to strike the right crop. Hector gazed at the little, shapeless, mobile button of a nose of Millicent Blade and was lost again. Hector dined with Beckthrope and grew more despondent. Thus twiddling his empty glass he said that he would be at sea that next day. All the members of Beckthrope’s club had gone.

Both Hector and Becthrope discuss about the prospects of good crop. Hector says that he always gives Millicent Blade some represents but she either breaks them or loses them or forgets where she got them. He wishes to give her a photograph. But Beckthrope suggests to give her a dog and she might even call her Hector.

Next morning Hector reaches a mammoth stores of London and wanted a puppy. He wanted a puppy that would live a long time, eighty one years or twenty seven at the last. The shopkeeper looked doubtful, and said “we have some fine healthy puppies of course, but none of them would carry a guarantee.” He even suggested him a tortoise because they live to an extraordinary age and are very safe in traffic. But Hector wished a pup or a parrot.

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Hector selected a poodie and said with a profound solemnity to it, you are to look after Milly and see that she does not marry anyone until I get back.” The puppy Hector waved his plume of tail. Millicent came to see him off, but negligently went to the toothed wrong station. Hector and the poodle hung about the barrier looking for her, and when the train was already moving, he bundled the animal into Beckthropes arms with instructions to deliver it at Millicent’s address.

Hector felt very much neglected. As the ship pitched and rolled post the Channel lighthouse he received a radiogram from Millicent Blade. “Miserable to miss you went Paddington like idiot thank you thank you for sweet dog. I love him. Father midst dreadfully longing to hear about farm do not fall for ship siren all love Milly.” In the Red Sea, Hector also received another radiogram, Beware Sirens puppy bit man called Mike.

In the last February Hector heard nothing at Millicent except a Christmas card. Millicent Blade made efforts to find employment in England. The duties of the Puppy Hector began with his first days at home. Mike Boswell was a young man who had enjoyed a wholly in romantic friendship with Millicent Bade since she first came out. But he had never for one moment felt remotely attracted by her. Mike leant forward and Patted Millicent on the knee. Mike withdraw his hand which caused the damage. The Pup Hector saw all this and realized his mistake.

Puppy Hector achieved a technique for dealing with Millicent’s young men. Once Millicent entertained some friends in her sitting room. Whenever she talked on phone her friends with whom she had danced over night, the Puppy would wag his tail and cock his head on one side in a way that he had learned was engaging.

Sir Alexander came in contact to Millicent. Something Puppy bit him. He remarked. “I believe I am making the little fellow jealous.” The Puppy rolled in a carrion lying in the park. The Puppy howled all the night, he hid and had half the household searching for him with lanterns.  Millicent telephones her girl friends, Hector was no kitchen haunting mongrel.

Millicent Blade goes to a plastic surgeon, and emerged some weeks later without score or stitch. But it was a different nose-Millicent’s nose had no sculptural fratities. She has a fine aristocratic beak, worthy of the spinster she is about to become. Like all spinsters she watches eagerly for the foreign mails. The Puppy felt sympathy with young men whom it was his duty to Ressecude.



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