“Secret of Work” – Swami Vivekanand

Vivekananda was a great writer of India and he was a great scholar and learned man. There was quest of thought to Vivekananda and the result was that he became a very very great scholar not only of India but also for the whole world. His writing has the power to give warms but not to burn.

In “The Secret Of Work” Vivekananda explains the philosophy of karma yoga that was preached by Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagwad Geeta. Krishna says that we must do work incessantly. We should stay in this word with the help of doing work. The work which is done in this word is a mixture of good and evil. We must do the work whether it is bad or good. Vivekananda says that the effect of bad and good works whether it is bad or good i.e., the nature effects the result of the work. The result is that these become bondage for the soul. The main aim of human life is to make the soul free from the bondage of good and bad action. But now the question is that how to achieve it? For this Vivekananda says :

           “The miseries of the world cannot be cured by physical help only. Until man’s nature changes, his physical needs will always, arise and miseries will always be felt, and no amount of physical help will remove them completely. The only solution of the problem is to make mankind pure. Ignorance is the mother of evil and of all the misery we see”.

In answering the question of getting free soul to bondage, the Bhagwad Geeta offers a solution and that is to work incessantly. We should not be reached to it. If we do so our work will not held our soul in bondage.

Here Vivekananda says that there is similarity between human mind and lake. He says that there is ripple in the lake. The wave or ripple does not end entirely. The Wave makes a sign on the lake and there is possibility of coming the wave again. In this same way every work that we do an every though that we think leaves impression on the mind. There is sub-conscious region in every mind of the human body. The impression are stored in the sub-conscious region. The valuation of the human body is determined by these impression. This is what is really meant by character. Each man’s character is determined by the sum total of these impression is good. If our character is bad that means our impression is bad. If a man continuously hears bad words. Think bad thought and does bad acts, his mind will be full of bad impression. There bad impression will unconsciously control his thoughts and actions and makes him a bad man. The bad impression will compel him to do evil deeds. There is no remedy to get side of these impression. Likewise a man hears good words, thinks good thought and does good acts, his mind will be stored with good impression. The good impression will not let him do any evil work even if he desire to do so. That stage man becomes in very good position.

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Vivekananda says that the bad impression should be removed by the good impressions. In this connection he says that if there is a thorn in my finger, and i use another to take the first one out, and when i have taken it out, i throw both of them aside. I have no necessity for keeping the second thorn, because it is a thorn after all. So, Vivekananda says that bad tendency is to be destroyed by good ones. And bad impression on the mind should be removed by the fresh waves of good one. In this way the attached becomes unattached. Vivekananda says how can we remain unattached to work. The liberation of the human soul is the main aim of human life. The aim of human life is the liberation of the human soul. The aim is higher than the formation of good character. Freedom the soul is possible only when it is influenced by the effects of good and bad works. This can be achieved by unattached work. A man should work incessantly but he should not allowed his mind to be deeply attached by his actions. When we are attached to the work that means we aspire fruit or result from the work. But Vivekananda says that we should not mind the fruit but we should leave in on the God. We should not except any reward or fruit. In the Bhagwad Geeta Krishna says, “Action is thy duty, reward is not thy concern. We should not motivated by any desire or any feelings or hate or love. There should not be any effect on the mind of the work. We should act like a master but not a slave. 
In the words of Vivekananda:

           “The gift of this teaching is that you should work like a master and not like a slave, work incessantly, but do not do slave’s work”.

We are unattached to our work when we work selflessly, Non-attachment will lead to the freedom of the soul. We should do like a stranger bin this world. The whole of nature for the soul, not the soul for nature.

The philosophy of Karm Yoga is that the liberation of the soul should be the goal of man’s life. To achieve this aim, man should remain unattached to work and nature. He should dedicate all the fruits of his work of God. Non-attachment will leads the man to the salvation.



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