The novels of Jane Austen have exactness of a structure, a symmetry of form and an appropriateness of title. Hard novel are not novels of action but of conversation and scene after scene is built up by the power of conversation. In pride and prejudice form a dialogue form the bulk of novel. It has not only the human of Shakespearean comedy but also its technique. And like Shakespeare, she is also very choosy and selective in the choice of the title of her novels. Really, the suitable title unfolds the theme of the novel. It would not be out of way to say that are morning shows the day likewise the title of a novel or a play gives us sufficient ideas about its trend. The selection of title requires the skill of the artist. And Jane Austen has proved her skill and talent in selecting a very suitable title that is not only catchy at the first instance but it is meaningful and suggestive. As the title of Shakespeare’s play is very suggestive and meaningful. Austen’s novels are also acknowledge for the appropriateness of titles of her novels. Almost all the six novels of Jane Austen are known for the appropriateness of titles. The titles reveal half the meaning and the trend of the action and events of the novel. “Pride and prejudice” is a very suitable and appropriate title. No other title can be sub-planted. Although, the first selection of the title of this novel was ‘First Impression’ this title was replaced by “Pride And Prejudice”. And this title is really a very suggestive and appropriate. The entire story of the novel based on the pride of Darcy and the prejudice of Elizabeth Bennett.

In “Pride And Prejudice” Jane Austen tells the story of the gradual union of two characters one has unconquerable pride another has excessive Prejudice. Elizabeth is one of the bright, beautiful and self-respecting characters of this novel. The hero of this novel is Darcy who personified pride. These two persons came in contact with each other at the social gathering. Initially they dislike each other but in course of time, Mr. Darcy’s bride gives way to a balanced outlook as his past and Elizabeth’s prejudice against Mr. Darcy melts away. After the sharing off their pride and prejudice. They came close to each other, they understand each other and in fact they are best suited to each other and they are made for each other . And finally, they are tied to Holy wedlock. The entire focus of attention is focused on actions and reactions of Elizabeth and Darcy. Though other pairs have also been given attention by the novelist but the plot of the novel really centres round the pride and prejudice of Elizabeth. And which is why the title is very apt, attractive and suitable.

Pride And Prejudice” is a story about Mr. and Mrs. Bennett who have five daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty(Catherine) and Lydia. Mrs. Bennett’s chief desire is to see all her daughter suitably married, happily, settled and this has become the obsession of her life. But the main theme of the novel is zeroed in on the relations, conversations and activities of Darcy and Elizabeth. Elizabeth develops dislike for Mr. Darcy when she over hears telling his friend, Mr. Bingley, that she is not attractive to tempt him to dance. His remarks cut her to the quick and since then she is fostering prejudice in her heart. Her prejudice against Darcy depends into hatred. Further, when Mr. Wickham tells her about the ill-treatment meeted to him by Darcy, this adds fuel to the fire of her hatred. The Jane-Bingley sub-plot came to a standstill for the time and Elizabeth-Darcy plot comes to the forefront. Mr. Darcy proposed marriage to Elizabeth but she turns down his proposal. When she came to know the fact that Mr. Darcy was not instrumental in bringing obstacles to the marriage of Jane and Bingley, her prejudice begins to sag and she feels closer and closer to Darcy, Darcy’s pride is humbled and Elizabeth’s prejudice is conquered. The turning point in her attitude is when she goes through the letter of Darcy. Mr. Darcy Clarification of his non-chalant attitude towards her. He also referred to the uncultured talk of her mother and her two younger sisters as reasons of his hesitation in preparing marriage to her earlier. Elizabeth now blames herself for keeping hatred against him. Now Darcy seems to be a very favourable choice. But before she takes any final decision, Darcy leaves Hansford.

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The next meeting between Elizabeth and Darcy is again an accidental one. This time they met at Pemberley House. Darcy is the owner and Elizabeth has came to see in the company of her uncle and aunt. On this occasion, Mr. Darcy’s entire attitude towards Elizabeth undergoes a sea-change. His escalating pride and arrogance add no more perceptible as if they have completely evaporated. Now he speaks to her in a warmly and polite way and one can see his hospitality and cordiality in welcoming the guests. Elizabeth curses herself for not accepting the marriage proposal of Darcy. Had she accepted she would have became the mistress of Pemberley House. Her attitude towards Darcy has mellowed, her opinion has changed and she feels much inclined towards him. The prejudice which she had been harbouring in her heart was to be traced no more. Her every corner of heart was packed with her love for Darcy. Her dream and expectations came true. Mr. Darcy arrives at Netherfield Parn and this time again he pops the question. This time Elizabeth gladly welcomes the proposal and they are united in a holy wedlock.

With a view to justifying the appropriateness to point out that Elizabeth’s temperament and her visions of life created condition for her to harbour prejudice against Collins. She outright kicks off the proposal of her marriage with Collins. She considers him to be up buffoon and ridiculous fellow. She feels that he is the only person who is sans any good quality. Charlotte is also under criticism for giving her consent to marry Collins. Elizabeth continues even when her friend Collins, even when her friend is happy with Collins. Prejudice of Elizabeth is the reigning factor in this entire novel. And on the other hand, the pride of Darcy is the talk of all the characters of this novel. He personified pride. His disappearing remark and arrogant attitude speak in volume about his pride. But very soon he able to shake off his pride so that he may be wed locked with the charming and winsome girl Elizabeth. The main moves of the novel veer round the pride of Darcy and prejudice of Elizabeth excepting two are also married. Their actions and romance are also striking but the search-light of this novel is focussed on the pride and prejudice of Darcy and Elizabeth. Although the sub-plot of the novel involving Mr. Collins and Charlotte and Mr. Wickham and Lydia are not in anyway concerned with pride and prejudice, their area of concerned are love and marriage. What is more, the theme of parenthood is outside the scope of the title “ Pride And Prejudice”  Mr. and Mrs. Bennett’s Mind is all the time obsessed with the  idea of setting the marriage of her daughters. Infact, the title “Pride And Prejudice” does not cover all the concept and episodes of this novel. However, “Pride And Prejudice” seems to be the only apt and appropriate title. It throws much light on the pride and prejudice which are supposed to devour peace and happiness. And when Pride And Prejudice meet their natural death happiness and understanding reign supreme. Undisputedly , “Pride And Prejudice” is the most suitable, apt and appropriate title of this novel.



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